a game show with a summery grand prize

Bad weather? To ease the pain Niels Destadsbader will bring the sun to your living room for 8 weeks long with the witty game show Is there wifi on Tahiti?Two teams of three familiar Flemings and one unknown candidate will compete with each other with one goal in mind: a trip to a sunny destination.

Season 2

The first season was broadcasted in the summer of 2015. In the second season a completely new round, a string of  brand new crazy  games and nearly 200 familiar Flemings will ensure for a summer full of game fun. The premise of Niels’ summery quiz stays the same: after five perky and funny game rounds the candidate of the winning team will play together with a familiar Fleming in the final with a coveted holiday at stake. In the ‘Wifinale’ they will be subjected to a chain of knowledge questions. Nine correct answers under 90 seconds and the price is in the bag. If they don’t succeed, they’ll have to be happy with a ‘staycation’ on Belgian grounds.

192 Familiar Flemings move out

In the second season 64 candidates and 192 familiar Flemings will check in. Including a lot of names flying for the first time like Marie Verhulst, K3, Koen Wauters, Regi Penxten, Jasper Publie, Willy Somers, the Coppens-brothers, Jill Peeters and Ella Leyers. Also with a.o. Tom Waes, Jacques VermeireJo Hens, Laura Tesoro, William Boeva, Olga Leyers and Bab Buelens who will play like their live depends on it.

 The full episodes can be found on vtm.be and on the vtm-app. The second season was broadcasted in 2016 on VTM.


Channel: vtm
Genre: Entertainment, game
Broadcasting Period: van 2015 tot 2016